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Burlington, Ontario is a fabulous city on Lake Ontario. Surrounded by other wonderful locations like Hamilton and Oakville, Burlington sits in the prime real estate of the economic powerhouse called the Golden Horseshoe.

Working in the area can be surprisingly beneficial for your family’s finances, but you’ve got to make sure you’re not paying too much for your home.

Though much of the real estate is pretty pricey, you can still find great deals. You might just have to get ready to do some renovations and upgrades 🙂

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Ceiling Renovations in Burlington, Ontario

We often look down when in deep thought, but what we ought to be doing is looking up… At the ceiling, where most of our renovation woes begin.

The thing is, that in Burlington, much like other communities in this great Province of Ontario – Is that the ceilings our homes were blessed with when designed fell under the spell of an evil trend.

This trend plagues homes across North America and is known as either:

But wait a moment, what’s really so bad about this plastered type of ceiling? Can it really be such a bother?

YES. And let’s go over the reasons why popcorn ceiling is not only a relic of a bygone era, but also an unnecessary stress upon your ceiling joists.

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Why Are Popcorn Ceiling in Burlington so Terrible?

There’s several disadvantages to having popcorn ceiling. First of all, the look of it is very dated.

Second, it puts too much stress upon your ceiling’s structure and could lead to the drywall on the ceiling to droop down, or even crumble off altogether.

There also exists the possibility (though seldom) that your stucco or textured ceiling can be a sign of asbestos. It’s not a sure thing, but if your ceilings in Burlington haven’t been repaired or scraped since they were put up – It’s worth a look.

Bugs! Have you ever noticed how spiders like to make their homes in the hills and valleys of your popcorn ceiling. Think about it, it’s like an endless field of rolling hills, with plenty of nice spots to creep in shadow.

Shadows… Interestingly enough:

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Popcorn is Bad for Lighting

All those nasty spider groves and pockets in the stucco/plaster basically ‘capture’ light. As the light hits the peaks of the popcorn, it can go no further. As such you’re left with a muted light feeling, and a darker room.

See this page on the Renovation Directory

This fact about a dim room completely blew me away. I like my room on lake Ontario, in Burlington to have lots of light -> And anything that stands in my way must be removed at all cost!

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Ever Try to Paint Stucco Ceiling in Burlington?

Upon further inspection, it’s come to my attention that the ultimate demise of many a popcorn ceilings is the fact that it cannot be easily painted. Like lighting and spider homes, the pits and valleys make painting very annoying.

Your home in Burlington, if it still has these dated types of ceilings that have gone untouched for several decades are probably looking like they’re due for a fresh coat of paint. Especially if a former resident happened to be a smoker.

Smokers went hand in hand with popcorn ceilings in the 1980’s. Heck, it seemed everyone smoked back then!

That nicotine yellow stained the ceilings, and was only ever amplified by the valleys in the stucco, where it could float and essentially get stuck. Stains followed and compounded further.

Let’s just be glad that society is moving away from both smoking AND textured ceilings, yikes!

Hire a Burlington Professional Drywall Repair Company

There are plenty of popcorn ceiling removal companies to choose from in the great Golden Horseshoe.

As we zero in on the finest companies in Burlington itself, we must look towards companies like Smooth Ceiling and Ceiling Champions who offer free estimates and do a phenomenal job at keeping your Burlington ceiling free and clear of all manner of drywall craziness.

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