Flooring Types (How to Decide!)

Choosing a Flooring Type is Tough…

That’s why we’re going to ‘lay’ it out for you, plain and simple.

There is a vast range of flooring materials in this world. Some fashioned according to style, durability, taste, and ease of installation. Which type you choose depends on the foot traffic of the room, and several other factors. Are you ready for a flooring lesson like no other, Simcoe, Ontario?

For instance, for families with little kids, a suitable choice of flooring alternatives would be soft flooring, such as carpet or a laminate, especially in the children playrooms. This is because soft floors have great sound proofing quality, and can easily cushion the effect of falls while playing. We don’t want little Suzy to get hurt, do we?

On the other hand, high traffic areas would require the use of durable and resilient options, while bathrooms would require a water-resistant floor that’s easy to clean.

Alternatives range from carpets, laminate and vinyl, as well as tile, each fashioned to suit specific measures of style and durability. I bet you never put so much thought into what you put beneath your feet!

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Carpets are unarguably the ultimate go-to for soft floor coverings in Simcoe and Norfolk County. They are designed specifically to give your home a soft and plush feel. Carpeting come in a wide variety of colours and design. They are quite durable and can last 10-15 years with good use. Mind you, if you have little ones, they have an amazing ability to reduce the lifetime of a carpet. Isn’t that right Johnny with the grape juice

Carpeting in Simcoe Ontario

Bright empty room with fireplace and carpet floor. Glass slide door to backyard

Carpets are typically made of bound man-made fibres which come in a variety of materials which include wool, nylon, polyester and ole fin. Carpet is very easy to install. The face weight and type of materials used determine the extent of its plush and luxurious feel.

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Carpets are warm and quiet, and are especially ideal for bedrooms and children playrooms, and also make a great choice for upper level multi storey homes. There’s nothing like fresh carpet between your toes!

It boasts of effective sound proofing quality as it muffles the sounds from children activities and provides a softer landing if they fall. It also adds warmth and texture to the bedroom, is highly comfortable and is not as slippery as other floor covering alternatives.

When NOT to Use Carpeting

However, carpets are not at all ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, or places prone to frequent moisture, as they are not fashioned to be water resistant. Although they can be cleaned professionally, frequent spills and stains from pets can lead to permanent damage… “Rover, I told you to wait for our walk!

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are arguably the most preferred type of flooring in terms of looks and overall appeal. They give your home a sort of rich and traditional ambiance, and although it requires maintenance, you really get you your money’s worth as it lasts for a long time with proper care. It makes perfect sense for any living area, kitchen and dining room inclusive.

Hickory hardwood flooring

The Wood-No-Good Zone…

However, like carpets, hardwood floor coverings are not ideal for places prone to frequent moisture or high traffic areas. A good hardwood is quite expensive in nature, since it must be finished with polyurethane or a similar clear-coat. They also scratch and wear easily if not properly cleaned as its finishes only offer moderate resistance to moisture… Maybe that’s why Granny covered all hers up with that berber carpet?

Laminate (AKA Linoleum)

Basically, laminate flooring is the low-cost alternative to hardwood. It is made of wood pulp and resin, and can look exactly like real wood (or anything else for that matter). Laminate flooring can easily mimic almost any hardwood style, from traditional favourites to specialty types like reclaimed barn wood.

Laminate Flooring Norfolk County

Apart from the classic hardwood, they can also be made to look like stone or tile, and almost all types are typically designed for click-together floating-floor installation, which is quick and easy.

Laminate flooring is moisture and stain resistant, and unlike hardwood, they are especially ideal for living areas in low to mid-price properties. However, although laminate flooring is moisture resistant, the joints between planks will swell and chip if water is allowed to sit on the floor. I recall my parents kitchen had multiple seems that separated, and before long, it didn’t look so good.

Also, laminate is virtually impossible to refinish if it’s finish wears off, and cannot be repaired.


If you’re looking for a water-resistant flooring that works well with underfloor heating and easy to install flooring, vinyl is your best choice.

Vinyl flooring is durable and highly resilient, and also works perfectly for high traffic areas in your home including kitchens, hallways, dining areas and mudrooms.

Vinyl Tiles

Slate texture vinyl flooring a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms

Being water resistant, vinyl is also a great fit for bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements.

Vinyl comes in easy-to-install planks, sheets or tile forms. It very easy to clean, and as a result, are the most ideal for those with little time to spend on maintenance. Busy Karen, always looking for the quick route!

It also delivers style as it can replicate the form of mosaic tiles, wood, or even natural stone, making it versatile enough to accommodate both contemporary and traditional classic looks.

Tiles – Ceramic, etc.

For someone after colour and a vast range of style, you definitely cannot go wrong with attractive tile flooring. They offer the widest range of style to choose from, and can come in various forms, from tiny mosaic fittings to “wood” look, blending the look of hardwood with the durability and resilience of ceramic or porcelain.

Tile flooring is arguable the most resilient form of flooring. While it has been the best option for bathrooms, it can also look wonderful in dining areas, entryways, hallways and laundry rooms. There is little or no cost of maintenance attached to tile flooring, and so lasts for a longer time, compared to other flooring alternatives.

Ceramic Tiles

However, while tile can be expensive, special care has to be taken to install it in the home, and requires a suitable sub floor and tile-backer base. For large tile jobs, tile installers are needed, and simpler jobs would require the use of builders with some tiling experience. Always check online reviews and website galleries for pictures of past work. We’re in the future after all, use the resources we’ve been blessed with!

Ceramic Tile Cons

One also has to be careful about using tile in living areas, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and formal dining rooms since it is hard and cold under your feet. No one likes getting out of bed in winter and being suddenly shocked by the cold of a ceramic tile… That is, unless you’ve installed in-floor heating!

Other Considerations

Also, when choosing a type of flooring, it is important to consider what kind of flow you are looking for in your home. How one room connects to the others can have an impact on which type you choose. Certain transitions can be unsightly, especially if not fully thought through.

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Color schemes are also key, and you definitely would want to avoid moving from the cool and soft ambiance of your bedroom, to jarring bright colours in your living room.

There is nothing wrong with choosing different flooring materials for your home to maintain consistency, but make sure the flooring used is all of a similar thickness to avoid hazards. (Remember when Uncle Phil tripped over the division going from Hardwood to the Ceramics? Ha, me too).