Stay Warm this Winter: Napoleon Fireplaces (Gas / Electric)

Chill at Home this Winter with Cost Effective Fireplace Units

As the chills of winters send shivers down your spine, all you crave is that sweet crackling sound of burning wood as it lays down on the hearth of the fireplace. Those gorgeous sizzling flames, oh boy! If these are your dreams as well, then a Napoleon fireplace is your go-to refuge. Well, at least it’s mine.

Finding the Cozy Corner in your Home

It might be in a small corner of your house, but a fireplace adds that classy look to the overall decor; and for those of you who love to gamble in real estate, a fireplace is a sure-shot way to skyrocket the value of your property.

But wait.. There is a catch! The smoke that comes out of the fireplace is something that you may overlook as a concern, but your neighbors certainly won’t. And let’s not forget the trauma that mother nature goes through with all that black smoke billowing through your chimney. If you’re okay with that, than carry on – as you were!

stack of wood by fireplace

Loving Nature and the Heat

We love mother nature, don’t we? So why not go for a fireplace that’s Eco-friendly, efficient and puts a smile on her face.

The question that you may ask here is, “So how do we go about it?

Here’s how…

Extend the hand of friendship to mother nature and wave goodbye to your age-old masonry chimney, (the one that could easily harm the environment). Instead, say hello to Napoleon fireplace inserts.

Fireplace inserts give your fireplace a trendy look, burn wood efficiently, and produce more heat in the process. Truly a win-win-win!

So… What Exactly is a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is a fire resistant box which is made out of cast iron or steel, with an insulated glass window on the front. With this kind of setting and modern technology, there is no way that heat can escape; it’s all trapped in there, or projected in your direction at least. As opposed to losing heat in all directions, where it may not necessarily be needed.

As a result, there is no wastage whatsoever, and with some inserts that blow hot air back into the room through the vents and via the fireplace blowers, the heat generated can be utilized and distributed in a more productive manner, double your pleasure, double your fun.

stack of wood by fireplace

Getting an Insert Installed

So I hope I’ve managed to convince you that fireplace inserts act as a more efficient option, for your comfort, as well as mother nature’s.

So what next? How do I go about the installation and are there any options in designs?

Well, there certainly are! With a little bit of research, you can connect with several fireplace insert dealers who can help you out with several different kinds of inserts, and select one that fits your fireplace like a second skin.

There may be different circumstances for your situation:

Let’s redo the fireplace

You’re looking to breathe new life into your fireplace. Well, these folks know exactly what you feel and evaluate all the possible ways to ensure that your fireplace sustains the old charm but with more efficient functionalities.

I need a new fireplace… Yes… That’s what I need!

To have a fair idea of how a fireplace would look, you may check a dealer’s website (don’t miss out Regency and Napoleon, they always have awesome promotions running). Most of them post “before and after” pictures of their previous projects.

I wanna remodel the house with a new hearth and a chimney

In either case, make your “hearth beat” and your pennies count. Apart from offering a variety of options, reputed dealers of higher end Regency and Napoleon fireplace inserts also take your budget requirements and formulate a choice accordingly.

fancy living room with fireplace

It’s Good to do a Little Homework

Staying informed and aware costs you nothing, so might as well have a look at what your options are.

Before you jump the gun on finalizing the fireplace purchase, why not delve a little deeper into what you already have. Spend a little time analyzing the existing wooden or masonry fireplace that you currently have, and go brick by brick in installing a new one.

Measure your fireplace inside out in terms of length, breadth and width. Once you have a fair idea of the dimensions, you may want to consider the following options:

Gas Fireplace inserts

This kind of insert sells like hot cakes and why?  All you gotta do is flip on the switch and let the gas do the burning (pun intended). Within minutes, your place will be warm and cozy… It’s that simple.

The gas inserts burn liquid propane or natural gas, so you don’t have to constantly feed the fire with wood and as such you can avoid the frequent blackening of hands cos of the ash.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

These inserts are armed with extremely modern thermostats that you can tweak as per your comfort; these are basically powerful heaters that produce very little ash. They pose no danger to the environment, since the pellets are renewable and made of wood chips and sawdust.

See our previous post on Napoleon here

Wooden Fireplace Inserts

If the aroma and crackling of burning wood sets your mood, this type of insert might capture your attention. The inserts feature combustion technologies that can produce heat for more than 10 hours on a single load of wood, and in return, minimize the pollution caused by the burning of wood.

The EPA certified wooden inserts use every possible ounce of energy from a single log of wood, which means, no extra generation of ash or smoke.

closer up on white fireplace unit

Choices, Choices, Choices…

Now that I’ve finalized the inserts, should I go for a vented or vent-less fireplace?

With a vented fireplace, you get the feel of a real wood fire. Needless to say that the flames are realistic, tall, and wrap around the log just as a real wood fire would. They are less expensive as well. On the flip-side, they emit carbon monoxide emissions, which if not exhausted properly, can be dangerous.

The counterpart vent-less setting on the other hand, may not be so realistic in appearance but it keeps the heat trapped, emits low amounts to almost no pollutants, and consumes less fuel. So, if there are people in your house sensitive to smoke, you may want to consider the latter option.  

Regency Fireplaces

A Fireplace is Not Just Another Investment…

It might not be that big an investment, but a fireplace can simply turn the look of your house around, if done right. If a stunning fireplace is what you’ve been dreaming about, this is the time to make it real.

Don’t let procrastination blow chunks of black smoke to your dreams.

Get a fair idea of what kind of fireplace enhances the personality of your home, is safe for you as well as the environment, and suits your pocket.

Install a fireplace and render that magical charm of warmth and comfort within your household.

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