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The private tour of Jasper National Park that was done by Jasper Tours, based in Edmonton, Alberta, was exceptional and one I will never forget.

The tour was done by Sunny & Jess of Deep Blue Photography and I truly see why these guys are awarding winning! I must say it was money well spent and I appreciate the private nature of the tour which made it more relaxing and enjoyable. It’s easier to get back to nature in Jasper National Park when it’s a small group. No rushing, no fussing, just exploring.

I hope I do this review justice as I try to remember every accurate detail about this tour so you can understand what to expect and possible book your tour of Jasper soon!

Jasper Tours Edmonton

Remembering my Tour of Jasper National Park

The tour is all about the participants enjoying the scenic views of Alberta and fully getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The tour also has an exciting trek through the peaks, trails and valleys that will create an unforgettable experience that I am sure you and your friends and family will enjoy.

Along the tour, you will see some amazing spots that can be used for some of the best photos you can ever imagine. The mountains offer an awesome appearance that you can use these pictures for almost anything. This is truly a picturesque location that I can guarantee you have never seen anything like this.  Along the way, you may find animals that will also enhance the overall experience. See them in their habitat, right in their natural setting, untouched and living as how they see fit… Nature, as it was meant to be.

This is a good excursion when you need that getaway. You can take your mind off things and it is perfect for families, singles or couples who like adventure and don’t mind moving around somewhat. If you love the outdoors then this tour of Jasper National Park is truly made for you.  I saw people in other tour groups with their pets so feel free to bring your family pet as they are also welcome on this amazing tour.

The lake Alberta

These Are Private Guided Tours of Jasper

I would like to bring the attention that this is a private tour and it is well organized. The conductors of the tour have truly made it an experience to remember. They know many of the shortcuts and paths that reveal all the beauty of the area so you will not be disappointed. You will see valleys, streams and all the variety of the outdoors and their must-see spots that their “trekkers” will be guided to.

The Photography Side of Jasper Tours

It is also good to note that you do not have to worry too much about taking pictures as Sunny and Jess will take care of you. While you are enjoying the scenes that are being explained you can remain assured that you will get the best images to capture the journey. These guys truly put the emphasis in professional by letting you enjoy the scenic views. I can truly say they captured emotions in every shot they took, simply breath taking, and we didn’t even have to take out our phones.

What I loved about their tour, it was private, cozy and personalized to what we wanted to see in Jasper National Park. It also took into account our level of fitness and the time of year. We did not have to wait on other parties or had to do anything we were comfortable with. We simply enjoyed the views of Jasper at our own pace. All was done based on our feelings and preferences so we felt very comfortable doing it all.

We saw the most beautiful sites in the mountains and we could take these all in while not having to worry about pictures, Sunny and Jess had that down. They assured us that all moments will be captured so we wouldn’t miss a thing! When we saw the pictures they took, we were so amazed. They captured almost everything and the emotion came through brilliantly.

My girlfriend and I love pictures, especially for our adventures and they did not disappoint. We are truly pleased we did this. When you get the great shots of you and your partner, it feels almost sublimely brilliant in the days of the selfie pose.

Family Tours of Jasper

One thing about Jasper Tours is that they are a family company and make you feel like family when you get there. I was impressed with their enthusiasm and how they treated their guests. Even better, their love for Jasper National Park is quite clear and comes through in their overall tour experience. They made us feel right at home and treated us like we were friends from years ago!

Now a little more about our experience, Jasper National Park is a wonderful area with a beautiful landscape. The area has many geographical features including valleys, rivers, mountains, streams, campgrounds and numerous varying types.

Check out some stunning pics of Jasper, the gem of Canada here: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/03/27/jasper-national-park-photos-alberta_n_6889714.html

As a couple, Sunny and Jess showed us all the sweet spots that were perfect for us. They even got in some great shots of us that we can have to show our kids in the future!

Family photography jasper

We saw a number of attractions, I’ll give my top 4 below:

Top 4 Attractions at Jasper National Park

Mount Edith Cavell

This is an amazing mountain that is found in the Athabasca River and the Astoria River and is the most notable peak found in Jasper National Park, Alberta.

Maligne Lake

This is a famous lake that is known for the colour of its water. It is surrounded by peaks and glaciers and is one of the most photographed areas in the park. I’m still amazed at the colour.

Tonquin Valley

This attraction is close to the border of the Alberta and British Columbia provinces. It is an amazing site as it drains the Moat Lake and flows into the Mount Robson Provincial Park and then empties into the Fraser River. Stunning.

Marmot Basin

While we didn’t ski, we saw that this was a great area that many people were enjoying at the time. It seems like a good terrain that would offer a great ski experience. If you love skiing you need to check this out.

Lake at Jasper Park

Closing Out on Jasper Tours

Many of these areas are great for relaxing, sleeping beneath the stars and just enjoying nature in its purest form. It was very therapeutic and did well for our peace of mind.

You will be glad you did this tour as my girlfriend and I was not disappointed. This was a perfect way to spend our anniversary. We are already thinking about when we will come back, and when we do, we know it’s going to be Jasper Tours that takes us through the most rewarding private tour known to mankind!