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What Gets People Excited About Wedding Jewelry in NYC?

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Discussing the NYC jewelry district and how so many competing jewelers can coexist in such a confined area. PLUS, special interest in one craftsman

For every step you take in the jewelry district in New York City, you may pass by another jeweler hoping to sell you their gorgeous items… Gems, rings, wedding jewelry, and even lab grown diamonds.

It’s astonishing that so many can exist peacefully in such a localized area. You’d think the mob wars of the 20th century would’ve laid waste to the area and left only a hand full of wedding jewelers to thrive. I guess NYC is more peaceful and honestly competitive than we’ve been led to believe.

History of the NYC Jewelry District

Diamond District New York

Why does the jewelry district exist? I’ve wondered ever since I started talking with people who are heavily invested in the industry. As a result I took to the web to discover how this gem inside of a gem came to be.

I keep calling it the jewelry district, even though it is more locally known in New York City as the ‘diamond district’. It has it’s root in European Jewish heritage.

In previous centuries there existed limitations on the occupations that citizens could be a part of. Since the Jewish folks at the time were subjected to a ‘different’ set of rules, they were permitted to partake in the handling of goods and services deemed unholy or immoral by the lords of the day. Be they local lords or priests, or as high up as the Royals of the era.

Source: The Diamond District NYC

As the great grandchildren of folks who escaped from persecution (not just world war 2, but before as well) many of these European Jews found there way to New York City with little more than an in depth knowledge of the diamond and jewelry industry.

At this stage, NYC was a great hub of the western world to set up shop.

Evolving into Wedding Jewelry and Custom Lab Grown Diamonds

As many years have passed, this localized community of jewelers has had to contend with societal changes in America. Part of the change in the early 1900’s was the sudden focus on engagement and wedding jewelry.

Engagement rings were now being advertised as a part of the holy matrimonial process. In which a man must present his bride to be with a pre-wedding ring. As if the marriage process wasn’t over expended as it were enough.

Certain diamond and jewelry companies started a massive marketing push that put the process of the engagement on par with the wedding itself. A brilliant marketing campaign, but terrible for the average Joe, who was now expected to fork out extra thousands of dollars due to expert marketing.

Wedding Jewelry in NYC

After the engagement ring is out of the way, now we must pair it with the final piece on wedding day. Sometimes the two rings can be part of a mutual set that matches or has a similar theme. Or they may be totally different. It’s all in the eye of the bride and groom.

To find the perfect pairings of wedding jewelry in New York City,  I found myself at Katz Jewelry Co on West 47th Street. Peter is the operator and master jeweler at this location. As such he has a lot of experience in the area of wedding jewelry.

Katz Jewelry Co New York City

Introduction to Lab Grown Diamonds

Peter has introduced me to lab grown diamonds and gems, and has said that they could transform the wedding jewelry industry by making the whole process much more customization.

Now that a bride and groom can be almost exact with their wishes for their rings and gems, who’s to stop anyone from getting crazy elaborate and outlandish. After all – Who’s wedding is it, anyways!

As you seek your jewelry for your upcoming wedding, perhaps you ought to stop in and seek Peter @ Katz Jewelry Company in NYC. Knowledge, history, and grace, all in one easy to find place.