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Find a local plumber in Tillsonburg and Oxford County to take care of your leaks, drips, clogs and emergency situations.

Tillsonburg & Oxford County Plumbing Services

Let’s face it, our homes tend to descend in to chaos pretty quickly if we don’t take proper care. How easily a faucet starts to drip or a drain gets clogged. We’ve all been there.

It may be our own fault, or it may be the kids throwing something down the toilet and cause a big clog – Finding a local plumber in Tillsonburg and Oxford County is often a necessity that is really about survival. Emergency plumbing situations happen, and those are the ones that you really need to know who the best choice is for a plumber near you.

Before We Dig Deep – Our Community

Oxford County is a wonderful rural area in Southern Ontario. With strong farming roots going back hundreds of years, the land is as much a part of Oxford County as the families that tend it’s fertile soils.

Though we have a lot of nice rural towns and hamlets, there’s also a couple decent sized city centers such as Tillsonburg, Woodstock, and Ingersoll. It’s these bigger towns and cities where we might expect to experience a greater degree of plumbing difficulties and emergencies.

water meters

No doubt as the population density increases in an area, it translates to more people and more toilets, sinks, or faucets with the potential for clogs, kinks, leaks, and drips. These common plumbing problems persist far across the land, and it may be up to one company who manages to take the responsibility seriously to keep water flowing smoothly – both in – and out – of pipes and drains all over Oxford County.

It’s all just part of what makes this county so excellent 🙂

What Can go Wrong with your Home’s Plumbing

There are simply too many ways the pipes and water-moving systems in your home or apartment can fail. Essentially the guts of our homes are doomed to fail. Here’s just a few examples of what can go wrong even without outside forces:

  • Clogged drain due to hair or food
  • Clogged toilet, or backed up toilet
  • Leaky faucet or slow dripping
  • Pipe burst (usually due do temperature)
  • Flooding due to improper pipping

That’s just the short list. If you were to actually sit down with an experienced plumber from Tillsonburg or Oxford County, you’d be shocked to hear how many times the same sort of bizarre things can happen to a home.

sink in the dark

War stories of the veteran plumbing expert are the legendary tales you could sit and listen to for hours, and still maintain an enthusiastic ear.

Who Should We Talk to About Emergency Plumbing Problems?

There are certain problems that occur when you have no alternative but to call a trusted professional. When the cold winter has pushed the temperature in your basement below freezing, your pipes can expand and burst.

If you do not have access to the water line and the shut off valve to your home, you’re going to end up with a huge mess. It’s the type of nightmare that can cost you thousands if not addressed immediately. (This is a case where it would have been well worth it to have purchased flood insurance!).

If your pipes burst due to the cold, you’re definitely facing a plumbing emergency and will have to make a very important and urgent phone call to get the professionals in to fix the issue.

They have clamps, valves, and other tools that they can use to halt the flow of water into your basement. This is extra useful in the event you haven’t located the water main shut off valve.

Did you read our post about ceiling repair?

Tips to Avoid Pipe Freezing

The biggest tip of all is to make sure any exposed pipes in your basement have the foam insulation installed. It’s easy to do and you can even do it yourself. You can almost just rip the foam to length and easily affix it to the pipes.

Ideally you would want to have any copper pipping that would be on the exterior walls of the house encased in the foam pipe insulation. This one small, and inexpensive tip can be the difference between tragedy and safety when the cold winter days come.

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Talk to BR’s about any issue you may be facing up to including running toilets, low water pressure or even problems with a sump pump or water heater. BR’s in Tillsonburg travels anywhere within Oxford County, Elgin County, and Norfolk County.

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