Becoming a Swimming Instructor (Toronto)

My Path to Being a Lifeguard or Swimming Instructor

Brooke K
Toronto, Ontario

Q) Where did your adventure with swimming lessons begin?

A) I believe I was 5 years old when I started level one in swimming lessons (see the levels of swimming lessons here).

I failed level one 5 times but eventually passed that level on the same day mom gave birth to my little brother Wade, which was August 13 2009. It was a great day.

I finished level ten in July 2013, and had finished all levels, then it was time to go on to bronze medallion CPR training. I started BM a couple of weeks before march break 2016, and passed at the end of march break.

Brookes Swiming Lessons Started

Q) What was the hardest aspect of swimming lessons that you encountered while learning to swim?

A) the hardest skill to learn in swimming lessons would probably be when in bronze medallion we had to swim 20 laps of the pool every other day.  That killed me because every one else was older so I had to push myself harder, so it hurt more.

I was still one of the first few to finish. Pushing yourself is important, it’s how you grow as a student!

Q)  Was there anything that came super easy to you, that seemed hard to the other students

A) The flutter kick would be the easiest because we learnt that skill in level one and I had failed that level the first few times and so I had learnt it over and over again.

All of the swimming newbies would just be learning it when they came by for there turn and I would think to myself “Wow, these kids need help”. Not realizing that I was the one who had already failed multiple times.

Two balls in a pool in toronto

Q) Tell us about your swimming instructors. Was there any one of them that gave you any enduring swimming advice?

A) I forgot all of my lifeguards except for one, her name was Taomi. She is my little brother Zander’s friends, older sister.

I remember her because she was very annoying. She was annoying because we would say a tiny word and she would freak out and make us do laps, also she was just not very nice.

I learnt to listen to our lifeguards or else they were going to punish us with something we hate, though the swimming made me stronger.

Q) What level of swimmer are you now? Is that Red Cross, or Life Saving Society rankings?

A)  I have passed all of the Red Cross swimming lessons, which goes up to level 10. I started the bronze medallion in grade 8 during march break, as well as CPR training.

Next up would’ve been bronze star, then bronze cross. You have to be at least 16 years old to start the bronze cross.

Once you pass all of those you can take a final training program to become either a lifeguard or swimming instructor. I would prefer the swimming instructor because its teaching people, more pool time, and there’s less pressure on saving the lives of others.

swimming pool underwater

Q)  You seem to be well on your way towards becoming a lifeguard or swimming instructor. Is that something you’d be interested in pursuing as a career, or perhaps a volunteer type of situation?

A) It would be a good job, good money, great experience but it would probably be more of a side job because I don’t really want to do that forever. It’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

It would be fun for a volunteer experience because you get to help out, and make new friends.

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